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Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack) - Job Code JSSEFS001

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Job Detail

  • Job Title

    Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack) - Job Code JSSEFS001

  • Location


  • Skills

    •   Work with the founders and other teams to refine designs and convert them into high-performance and user-friendly web interfaces
    •   Build RESTful services and do devops
    •   Own the code end-to-end - design, develop, test, maintain
    •   Keep an eye on latest technologies and work on your skills regularly
    •   Talk to stakeholders and use the product to suggest improvement areas

    You are the ideal candidate if you:
    •   Equally passionate about front-end development and back-end services
    •   Have prior experience in full-stack development
    •   Independent, self-motivated, and like to tinker on side-projects
    •   Strong coding and design skills
    •   Good command over Data Structures & Algorithms
    •   Ability to produce bug-free and production grade code

    Our Stack:
    •   Python, Django
    •   Services: AWS Lambda
    •   Storage MySQL
    •   Infrastructure: AWS

    Criteria: Bachelors degree in Computer Science preferred or equivalent degree with minimum 4+ years experience

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