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Academic Coordinators

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Job Detail

  • Job Title

    Academic Coordinators

  • Location

    Sector 49, Gurgaon

  • Skills

    1. Impart comprehensive supervisory, mentoring and training support to moderators so that they are able to run the courses as per infyni service delivery compliances and quality parameters. 2. Provide end to end monitoring and facilitation support to all the courses, assigned as an academic coordinator. 3. Periodic review of performance of moderators and assess the efficacy and quality of classes/courses assigned to moderators. 4. Daily review and audit of courses assigned to academic coordinator, e.g. technical delivery aspects (virtual training platforms), relationship and communication with instructors, parents and students and service delivery compliances. 5. To be well aware about service delivery compliances & quality assurance parameters of infyni and organize periodic capacity building training programs for moderators with the support of seniors to ensure 100% compliance in terms of protocol and quality. 6. Periodic review and consultation with instructors to improve quality of trainings at infyni platform. 7. Provide session audit reports on a regular basis to academic head and raise the non-compliance issues immediately. 8. Meaningfully Engage with parents and students frequently as per need and as per request by moderators. 9. In close coordination with instructors and moderators, academic in-charge will ensure that all the requirements related to course delivery is competed e.g. Courseware, Assignment and Assessments. 10. Without written and prior permission by supervisor, Academic Coordinators wouldn’t be sharing any policy/business related information outside infyni. 11. Academic Coordinators will be required to maintain and manage proper MIS and data base related to their assigned courses. 12. Through modelling and live examples, Academic Coordinators will support moderators how to promote infyni upcoming courses before and after the session. 13. As per need, Academic Coordinators will extend makeshift support to fellow academic coordinators and other team members. 14. Academic Coordinators may be required to work sometimes according to the overseas time zone like USA. Also, will be required to adjust with flexible work shift (Midnight to 6 AM, 6 PM to Midnight) 15. As per company need, Academic Coordinators may be assigned additional responsibilities time to time.

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