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Instructor FAQs

•  Open, scroll down
•  Click the Become an instructor button
•  Enter required details and then click the Register button
    Note: You can also sign up with your Google or Facebook account
After you fill in details and register, you will receive an email once your profile is approved
Yes, you can create your own course and upload on Infyni

Once you Login in to

•  Click the My Courses tab , and click the Create Your Course button
•  Enter course name, description, duration of the course, prerequisite, course level, course type, course fee (you can fix as per your standards), start date etc.
•  Click the Browse button, select image that has to be displayed
    Note: If you do not have the image you can leave blank, infyni admin will upload
•  Click the Create Course button
    Note: Your course will be under pending for approval until the administrator approves your course. Once approved the Course will be created and displayed in My Courses. Students can then get enrolled for the course.
•  Click the My Courses tab
•  Created courses will display
•  Select required course, and click the View Details button
    Note: You can view cost, Course description and topics covered with session details selected course

Once you Login in to

•  Click the Enrollment tab
•  Click Course Name drop-down, and Select course name
    Note: You can view students name and enrolled date

Once you Login in to

•  Click the Live sessions tab
•  Click On Going Courses button
•  You can view Live, Upcoming and Completed Session details
•  Click Live to take the sessions, click Upcoming to view upcoming sessions to handle or click Completed to view completed course details

Yes, session recordings are always available even after the course is completed. You can view session recordings in Completed Courses tab and Session Recordings tab.

•  Click the Completed Courses tab
•  You can view all recordings of the course
•  Click the Session Recordings tab
•  You can view recordings of all sessions of the course
•  Click the My Messages tab,
•  You can view all messages pertaining to the courses
•  Click View/Reply button to reply to messages

Click the Live Sessions tab on the Dashboard, and click View Assignments to view all assignments submitted for that course

Note: You can view details of assignments assignment for session with date and time
•  Click the Live Sessions tab on the Dashboard, and click View All Assignments
•  Click a session under Session Name •  Click the New Assignment tab to create new assignments and it must be assigned to the course
•  Students can view the assignments that you have created. You will be able to edit or delete assignments at any point •  After students submit their assignments, you can view in View All Assignments tab