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Infyni for Instructors

Infyni provides you all the amenities that a virtual classroom should have, to make you comfortable to train students. You can train students as per your expertise, whether Technical or Non-Technical. Infyni offers you with solutions to provide required efficacy so that, you can extend all possibilities for unique learning paths in a classroom.
Dashboard provides you a list of all information about:
  •  Live Sessions – Total live sessions you are conducting
  •  Total Courses – Courses you are teaching
  •  Total Enrolled – Enrolled students for courses you teach
  •  Total Earning – Your payment details
  •  Today’s Live Session if any
  •  Messages you have received
  •  Top Course Payment
You can create course. View details like number of sessions and students enrolled for each course, and details of particular course.
You can view total number of enrolled students for a particular course that you will be handling.
You can view details of:
  •  Course sessions
  •  Number of students enrolled and duration
  •  Completed or incomplete sessions
  •  Check students review for each session
Displays the check list of your upcoming courses with start and end dates of the course. You can also view session topics covered and number of students enrolled for those courses.
You can view all the completed courses that you teach.

You can also view
  •  Course Reviews – that the students have rated
  •  Recorded Session Video – Videos of session recordings
  •  Attended Students – list of students who attended the sessions
Displays the details of all session recordings of different courses that you had handled, date and time wise.
You can view messages from your students and will be able to reply to those messages. Messages will be displayed course wise.
Displays the details about course rating of students with respect to courses that you had conducted.
You can view details of your account and will be able to:
  •  Course Payment – can view total payment, and payment status
  •  Bank Details – can view and edit bank details regarding bank name, account number, etc.
  •  Change Password – can change your password according to your need
You can view and edit/update your profile (education details, resume, awards/certification, work experience) when required.

No, you can only view course reviews given by students, but not edit it.

•  Click the My Course Reviews tab
•  You can view course reviews pertaining to the course