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• The contests are for anybody who wish to participate. • If you have enrolled to a course you can login and participate in the contest • If you have not enrolled you have to sign up to and login log in to participate. • The contest details are displayed even at the homepage. Details regarding contests and submission dates are displayed in the contest tab.
No need. Not mandatory to enroll, you can participate in the contests. If you are not enrolled as a student, • Sign up into and log in • Click the Dashboard tab You can view contests that are to be held, or you can also click the Contest tab • Click View All Contests to see a list of contests held • Click particular contest you wish to participate and sign up Note: Details about contest date, submission deadline, etc. can be viewed.
• Click the Signup Button in Home page • Enter required details, and then click the SIGNUP button
Once you Log in • Click the Contest tab, click All Contest • Click View details Contest details displays
Once you Sign up • Click the Contest tab, click All contest, select required contest that you want to participate • Solve the questions or problems, click Applied contest • Click Submit, select the solved file and click Upload
The contests are judged by a panel of judges and you will be informed through your contact details registered with us if you win the contest.