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Vedic mathematics, also known as "Vedic Math," is a system of mathematical techniques and principles that originated in ancient India, particularly during the Vedic period. These techniques are designed to simplify complex mathematical problems and make them more accessible to individuals.

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Vedic maths is a system of mathematics that was discovered by an Indian mathematician, Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji during A.D. 1911 and 1918. He printed his findings in a Vedic Mathematics book – Tirthaji Maharaj. Vedic mathematics is also called mental mathematics in the mathematical world. We can say that the brain’s capacity and its speed of calculations increases fivefold with the practice of Vedic maths.

Vedic Math is built on pattern identification, allowing students to constantly express their imagination. A single question can be answered using many techniques, giving the learner options. It stimulates a student's imagination and drives them to use their abilities to find a unique solution to a problem

Some of the benefits of Vedic mathematics sutras are listed below:

Calculations become easy and short.

Simplifications can be done in less time.

Students undergo less mental stress.

Results obtained by sutra-based methods can be easily verified with normal procedures.

The possibility of committing errors by students using these sutras is negligible.

The use of sutras helps students to improve their knowledge and interest in the subject of mathematics.

Skills You Will Gain

Number Sense Pattern Recognition Concentration Problem-Solving Skills Patience and Perseverance

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