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Think Like a Scientist

Think Like a Scientist is an inspiring 30-min class that encourages kids to explore the world through a scientific lens. Through hands-on experiments, critical thinking exercises, & problem-solving challenges, children will develop a curious mindset analytical skills.

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Think Like a Scientist is an engaging class designed to foster a scientific mindset in children and ignite their curiosity about the world around them. Through a combination of hands-on experiments, critical thinking exercises, and problem-solving challenges, this class empowers kids to approach their surroundings with a scientific perspective. Our experienced instructor will guide children through the process of scientific inquiry, teaching them to observe, question, predict, experiment, and draw conclusions. 

Children will learn the importance of asking "why" and develop critical thinking skills as they explore various scientific concepts. In Think Like a Scientist, children will engage in hands-on experiments that encourage active participation and exploration. They'll learn how to design experiments, collect data, analyze results, and communicate their findings. 

From exploring the properties of matter to understanding the forces of nature, each experiment will provide a unique opportunity for discovery and learning. The class will also emphasize problem-solving challenges that require children to think critically and apply scientific principles to real-life situations. Through these activities, children will develop analytical skills, creativity, and resilience in the face of challenges. 

Think Like a Scientist creates a collaborative learning environment where children can share their observations, ideas, and hypotheses. The instructor will facilitate discussions, encourage scientific discourse, and provide guidance to help children develop their scientific thinking skills. This class is suitable for children of varying backgrounds and interests, nurturing a love for science and encouraging them to explore their own scientific inquiries. 

It promotes curiosity, observation, and experimentation, fostering a lifelong passion for learning and discovery. Enroll your child in Think Like a Scientist and empower them to view the world through a scientific lens. Watch as they develop a sense of wonder, critical thinking abilities, and a thirst for knowledge. Sign up today and embark on a fascinating journey of scientific exploration and discovery.

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