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Tamil classes for Kids

A conversational Tamil course for beginners and kids who want to learn spoken Tamil through English. Our live classes are interactive making sure children pick up language skills in an easy way. They learn to enjoy learning their mother tongue and culture through private tuition.

Live Course

Duration: 36 Hours

Offered by: infyni

Live Course


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About Course

Tamil is one of the world’s oldest languages and one of the twenty most widely spoken languages. This ancient language belongs to the Dravidian Linguistic family and has been given the Classical Language status. Tamil has the official status in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu and in the union territory of Pondicherry. Also Tamil diaspora can be found in Sri Lanka, Singapore, UK, USA, Malaysia, Australia, and South Africa.

Learning Tamil will help you get a better insight of the rich Tamil literature dating back thousands of years. Learn the language and you will know their culture better.

Our live online course is designed for kids right from Beginners level to learn from scratch making the learning path easy for them to read, write and speak the Tamil language. Learn the language, learn the culture.

Course Offerings

  • Instructor Led Live sessions
  • Clarify doubts during session
  • Access Session Recordings
  • Attend on mobile and Tablet
  • Assessments and Competition
  • Direct Messages
  • Feedback from Instructor
  • Full lifetime Resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Topics
  • Instructor (1)
    • Uyir Ezhuthukkal – (A to Akku varai)
    • Mey Ezhuthukkal (Ikku to inn)
    • Uyirmei Ezhuthukkal
    • Ka to Na
    • Ikku+Aa = Ka
    • Ka, kkha, ki to Na, Naa, Ni
    • Vallinam, Mellinam, Idayinam)
    • Aathichudi
    • Rhymes ( Amma inge va va)
    • One to Ten numbers and letters
    • Shapes (vatta, Mukkonam..)
    • Rhymes (Anile Anile odi va)
    • Colors (Sivappu, Manjal, Pachchai)
    • Udal Uruppukkal
    • Sight words
    • Vegetable names and Fruits
    • Story (Family Story)
    • Weeks in Tamil
    • Months in Tamil
    • Planets in Tamil