Spanish for Intermediate (NRIVA) -Summer 2023 Batch 1

In Live Spanish Coaching - Intermediate Level you learn Spanish language through interaction with your expert Spanish instructor. Meant for young adults this Summer workshop teaches you to use Spanish fairly well including reading and writing.

Live Course

Live Class: Wednesday, 21 Jun

Enrolled: 3

Duration: 20 Hours

Offered by: infyni

Client: NRIVA


Live Course

$4 /Per Hour

About Course

The Spanish language is easy to learn for English speakers. Although its origin is Roman rather than Germanic like English, both use the same alphabet. 

Since both are descended from Latin, they also have many similar words in spelling and pronunciation. The Live Spanish Coaching - Intermediate Level is meant for young adults or those who have some knowledge of Spanish. 

You can take a 1-1 class to learn intensively or be part of a group class. Twice a week through out the summer of 2023 you will pick up a language fast when you practice live by interacting with your trainer. 

In Live Spanish Coaching - Intermediate Level you will learn to express yourself like a native speaker and improve your fluency when communicating. So enroll for our Summer program to take a free trial of Live Spanish Coaching - Intermediate Level

Course Offerings

  • Instructor Led Live sessions
  • Clarify doubts during session
  • Access Session Recordings
  • Attend on mobile and Tablet
  • Assessments and Competition
  • Direct Messages
  • Feedback from Instructor
  • Full lifetime Resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Topics
  • Instructor (2)
  • Reviews
  • Comprehension

  • Vocabulary building
  • Verb’s introduction
  • Grammar
  • Writing 
  • skills


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