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Learn Python from Scratch - Live & Online

Learn Python 1-1 with our most popular course. With experts teaching you live and online learning Python is simple. You will have assignments and real time projects to work on. Curriculum designed by experts from the industry you will learn the fundamentals through practice.

Live Course

Duration: 32 Hours

Offered by: infyni

Live Course


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About Course

Python programming and coding is not just for computer scientists and programmers. Its a skill that is useful for all. The earlier you start learning to code, the better your versatility. Among the different coding languages, which one to pick can be confusing.

In Learn Python from Scratch - Live & Online, expert tutors take you through the fundamentals in simple and fun ways so that they enjoy the learning. There will be assignments, interactive quizzes and live projects making this ideal for young adults. When you have instructors to guide you in real time, it makes learning a lot easier.

All the famous coders started with small and simple programs gradually scaling to bigger and more complex games. Our Learn Python from Scratch - Live & Online course is a project based learning that gets students engaged. We also ensure you regularly practice what you learn.

Offered by trainers who are industry veterans it covers all basics of Python, including variables, operators, data structures, user defined functions and more.

Our training is highly interactive with queries being asked and resolved on the spot. You get a hands-on experience from instructors who have been working in the field.

Course Offerings

  • Instructor Led Live sessions
  • Clarify doubts during session
  • Access Session Recordings
  • Attend on mobile and Tablet
  • Assessments and Competition
  • Direct Messages
  • Feedback from Instructor
  • Full lifetime Resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Topics
  • Instructor (1)
  • o Why Python?

  • o Installing Python
  • o Hello World! Program
  • o Running script from command prompt
  • o Running script using Codevidhya’s Code Editor
  • o Variables
  • o Letting user Input
  • o print() function
  • o eval() function

  • o Values and Datatypes
  • o Python Variables
  • o Variable Names and Keywords
  • o Type Conversion
  • o Statements
  • o Adding Comments to Code
  • o Expressions: Operators and Operands
  • o The Modulus Operator
  • o Order of Operations: Operator Precedence
  • o Boolean Expressions
  • o if Statements
  • o Indentation
  • o else Statements
  • o elif Statements
  • o Logical Operators
  • o Conditional Statements using Logical Operators
  • o Nested Statements
  • o ‘while’ Loops
  • o Combining loops with Conditional Statements
  • o The ‘break’ Statement
  • o The ‘continue’ Statement
  • o What is an interation?
  • o The range() function
  • o ‘for’ Loops
  • o Creating a simple user defined function
  • o Puzzles!
  • o A list is a sequence
  • o Creating and accessing lists
  • o List Indexes
  • o IndexError
  • o Traversing a list
  • o Mutable and Immutable Datatypes
  • o Lists are Mutable
  • o List Slicing
  • o List Operations
  • o List Methods
  • o Deleting Elements
  • o Nested Lists
  • o Objects and Values
  • o List Aliasing
  • o List v/s Strings
  • o A string is also a sequence
  • o Creating and accessing Strings
  • o Traversing a String using ‘for’ loop
  • o Strings are Immutable
  • o String Slicing
  • o The ‘in’ Operator
  • o len() function
  • o Searching Strings
  • o Strings comparisons
  • o String Operations
  • o Function Calls
  • o Function Call inside a Function Call
  • o Creating New Functions, Function Definitions
  • o Parameters and Arguments
  • o Returning values
  • o Variable Scopes
  • o Modifying Global Variables
  • o Flow of Execution
  • o Why Functions?
  • o ‘import’ Statement
  • o Useful functions
  • o Creating tuples
  • o Tuples are Immutable
  • o Tuple Assignment
  • o Functions returning Tuples
  • o Sequences of Sequences
  • o Creating and Accessing Dictionaries
  • o Reverse Lookup
  • o Dictionaries v/s Lists
  • o Key are always of immutable type
  • o Args
  • o Kwargs
  • o Buttons, Entry and setting component options
  • o Radiobuttons, Scales, CheckButtons and more
  • o Layout Manager pack(), place(), and grid()
  • o Miles to Kilometer Convertor Project
  • o Working with canvas widget and add image to Tkinter
  • o Work with Application User Inerface(UI)
  • o Add a count down (Pomodore project)
  • o Setting different timer sessions and Values (Pomodore project)
  • o Adding checkmarks and resetting the application (Pomodore project)

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