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Kinder Garten Math Mentals

Kindergarten Math Mentals is a 30-min live interactive class that focusses on fundamentals in math. Through exciting games, activities, & engaging discussions build your child's confidence in math. To set them up for success join us today.

Live Course

Live Class: Friday, 22 Mar

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Duration: 1 Hour

Offered by: Way To Success

Live Course

About Course

Kindergarten Math Mentals is a dynamic and interactive class designed to reinforce and review fundamental math concepts for young learners. Through a variety of engaging activities, games, and discussions, children will build a strong foundation in mathematics and develop a love for numbers. 
In Kindergarten Math Mentals, children will revisit key math topics covered in kindergarten, such as counting, number recognition, basic addition and subtraction, shapes, patterns, and measurement. The class focuses on hands-on learning experiences that encourage active participation and foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. 
Our experienced instructors will guide children through fun, live and interactive games and activities that make learning math enjoyable and accessible. Children will participate in group discussions, solve puzzles, engage in practical math tasks, and explore real-life applications of mathematical concepts. 
Kindergarten Math Mentals aims to build children's confidence in math, develop problem-solving skills, and enhance their critical thinking abilities. Through engaging math challenges, children will learn to think logically, analyze patterns, and apply mathematical concepts to solve problems. 
The class creates a collaborative and supportive environment where children can share their ideas, ask questions, and learn from one another. Our instructors will provide personalized attention, offering guidance and support tailored to each child's learning needs. Kindergarten Math Mentals is suitable for children who have completed kindergarten or those who need additional reinforcement of math concepts. 
It serves as a bridge between preschool and elementary school, ensuring a smooth transition into more advanced math topics. Enrol your child in Kindergarten Math Mentals and witness their growth in mathematical understanding and confidence. Join us in providing a solid foundation in math, nurturing critical thinking skills, and preparing your child for future success in elementary school and beyond. Sign up today and embark on an exciting mathematical journey.

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