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Kids Python Classes

Meant for young adults this is a group class. Expert tutors ensure you build the basics very strong. All your doubts cleared on the spot with instructors being there to correct & guide you through all challenges. Its easy to learn live than from pre-recorded videos.

Live Course

Live Class: Thursday, 21 Mar

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Duration: 24 Hours

Sessions: 8 classes per month

Offered by: infyni

Live Course
$60 /Per Month $150 60% off

$8 /Per Hour

About Course

Discover the unparalleled advantages of enrolling your child in Infyni's Kids Python Classes. Meant for Beginners here's why it's an exceptional opportunity:

Tailored Learning Experience: Our live online Python course offers personalized attention, ensuring that each child learns at their own pace and receives support tailored to their unique learning style, effectively addressing individual questions and challenges.

Customized Curriculum: Designed specifically for beginners, our program focuses on Python's fundamentals, laying a strong groundwork for understanding more advanced concepts. This approach not only makes learning more accessible but also boosts children's confidence in their abilities.

Engaging Interaction: Through group sessions, children actively participate in their learning journey, engaging directly with our instructors. This direct interaction allows for immediate feedback and creates a dynamic and motivating learning environment.

Flexible Scheduling: We understand that every child has a unique schedule, which is why our program offers flexibility in session timing. This ensures that learning can seamlessly fit into their routine without causing conflicts with other commitments.

Effective Skill Development: Learning Python at a young age fosters logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and computational abilities, essential tools for navigating the digital world. Our focused guidance maximizes learning outcomes, empowering children with valuable skills for the future.

With a curriculum tailored to their pace, confidence-boosting engagement, direct access to instructors for query resolution, and flexible scheduling to accommodate their routine, our program is designed to set your child up for success. 

To join us for a free live trial with our expert instructors give us a call at +1-813-944-3309 or drop us a mail at

Skills You Will Gain

Understanding the basic concepts of programming Writing and executing Python code to solve simple problems Using loops and conditional statements Working with functions and modules to organize code Creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) Understanding the importance of commenting and documenting code Collaborating with peers to brainstorm ideas

Course Offerings

  • Instructor Led Live sessions
  • Clarify doubts during session
  • Access Session Recordings
  • Attend on mobile and Tablet
  • Assessments and Competition
  • Direct Messages
  • Feedback from Instructor
  • Full lifetime Resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Topics
  • Instructor (1)