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Hindi Classes for Kids

All our classes are live and online. Your tutor will take classes for you in groups or in private. Starting with the basics, classes are slow and simple. Interactive so that kids enjoy their classes, ask their doubts and get corrected on the spot. Join a free trial to see how your classes will be.

Live Course

Live Class: Thursday, 17 Jun

Enrolled: 6

Duration: 40 Hours

Sessions: 4 classes per month

Offered by: infyni

Live Course

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About Course

This live and interactive course is designed for the absolute beginner in mind. This course includes Hindi speaking, vocabulary, grammar and Hindi writing along with improving vocabulary. Words, phrases and sentences to be spoken in different situations tooA comprehensive course in Hindi language for beginners the instructoexplains basics of Hindi grammar with simple examples

Unlike online classes, this is a live and interactive session with instructors listening to how you pronounce.

Skills You Will Gain

Interpersonal Communication Listening Speaking Reading Writing

Course Offerings

  • Instructor Led Live sessions
  • Clarify doubts during session
  • Access Session Recordings
  • Attend on mobile and Tablet
  • Assessments and Competition
  • Direct Messages
  • Feedback from Instructor
  • Full lifetime Resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Topics
  • Instructor (1)
  • Varndamala – swar, vyanjan, Matr,’s Barakadi
  • Formation of words and sentences
  • Introduction to grammar.
  • Greetings
  • Yes-No questions
  • Who and how people are
  • What (identity), Nationality, Jobs
  • Shopping, how much…, what kind
  • Have, want, like
  • Availability (milna)
  • Directions, Where can I get… , Position and Place
  • Talking about accommodation
  • Exchanging personal details, introductions
  • Formal/informal speaking
  • Giving orders and making requests
  • Possession and the family
  • Numbers
  • Making sentences
  • Verb to be, possessives
  • Yes/no questions
  • Pronouns ap and mai
  • Question words-kitna, kaisa
  • Introduction to gender and number: nouns and adjectives
  • Plurals
  • Postpositions, Case
  • to have
  • Verbs: routine events, present and imperatives
  • Ko constructions
  • Ka/ki/ke Possesives
  • Koi/kuch
  • Polite vs everyday language – showing respect
  • Body language (agreeing, disagreeing, showing doubt)
  • English vis-a-vis Hindi
  • Showing position in society
  • Seasonal festivals/Gods days
  • Conversation development and dialogues
  • Reading and writing: the Devanagari alphabet

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