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Chess Advance Level Batch for Kids

infyni's online chess for kids offers a dynamic platform to develop critical thinking, strategic planning, and patience. Interactive tutorials, virtual opponents, and live teaching improve cognitive skills while making learning engaging & accessible. Enroll in this valuable life skill.

Live Course

Live Class: Wednesday, 13 Jan

Enrolled: 23

Duration: 27 Hours

Sessions: 8 classes per month

Offered by: infyni

Live Course

$50.00 /per month

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About Course

In infyni's Chess Advance Level Batch for Kids students who are thorough with the beginner level will move into greater depths of the game. You will learn various tactics and strategies, learn how to calculate variations and improve their game through live and interactive games.

There will be some topics common to both beginner and intermediate level, but the latter will be more challenging.  

Intermediate players should be taking the steps to develop a consistent approach and see that "planning" in chess begins from the first move. An intermediate player should be able to recognize most "main line" chess openings, even if he/she hasn't yet mastered them.

After grasping the opening concept, you will learn about transposing into one another. You will learn to recognize how and where transpositions occur in your own most commonly used openings. You will, by now understand the general plans associated with each position and pawn structure regardless of the move order used to get there.

The main learning in this is approaching the opening and the transition into the middlegame. You will also learn the pawn structures that dictate the plans of every position before we try to memorize opening theory. Enroll for Chess Advance Level Batch for Kids and take a free trial. 

Skills You Will Gain

Sportsmanship Patience Agility Strategic Thinking
  • Topics
  • Instructor (1)
  • Invention
  • Historically who played chess and why Chess and other games
  • How to arrange pieces and movement (and capture )of each of the pieces
  • Value and special feature of each pieces
  • Value versus usefulness of pieces at certain squares
  • Movable vs attacking pieces
  • Check and checkmate
  • Pawn promotion and pawn en passant
  • Rank,file and diagonals and related useful tips
  • Legal and illegal moves
  • Step by step method to solve any mate in one puzzle
  • Applying the method in a few positions
  • Checkmating in variety of situations with different combinations of pieces in different stages of the game
  • Detailed understanding of touch and move rule
  • Rules of draw
  • Winning material
  • Making use of stalemate and perpetual checks to split the point
  • Practice Session
  • How to record the games you play   
  • Importance of castling
  • Decision for castling and rationale for avoiding the castling
  • Early and delayed castling reasonale
  • Types of castlings and all related rules
  • Systematic checkmate procedure for checkmate with:
  • Rolling rook
  • Mating patterns
  • Precautions
  • Complete step by step method
  • Practical
  • One queen
  • Mating patterns
  • Precautions
  • Complete step by step method
  • Practical
  • Practical elementary checkmates      
  • How to open a game
  • Importance of centre
  • Development of pieces and the order of development
  • Figuring out the best places for pieces.
  • Which pieces to exchange and where to avoid exchanges.
  • Opening precautions
  • Importance of pawns in front of ki...

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